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I have been talking a lot about stress these days, as I feel it is an important topic that every girl needs to understand. If we cannot cope with our stress, then it is difficult to cope with our daily activities which affects our quality of life. Every girl should know how to relieve stress effectively in order to be the best version of their awesome self. This is just a short post to give you some stress relief gift ideas that can brighten up someone’s day. Whether you know a girl who needs some stress relief, or if you simply want to let someone know that you care and that you are there for them, or even if you just need to relax or unwind yourself, these ideas will help get you going to find the right gift.

Note: These gifts can all be found on Amazon.

Massage gifts:

We all know that when we are stressed, our body feels it. Here are some gifts that sooth the body:

Scalp massager – This product may look like an egg beater, but it is amazing on the scalp. I am always using this massager on my head, whether I am stressed or just in the mood for some tingling sensations. It immediately sends a tingle down my spine which is unexpectedly pleasant, and gives a deep relaxation. While I do use it on my own, I prefer it much more when someone else runs it on my scalp. It just makes the sensation a lot more prevalent and soothing.Scalp Massager

Eye massager – This stress therapy electric eye massager really hits the spot. If you are very prone to headaches, wear glasses, or encounter a lot of screen time, like I do, this eye massager will relieve that tension in no time. It is a very relaxing and effective way to relieve your stress.Eye Massager

Back massager – Stress can lead to a lot of body aches and pains. This back massager is useful for all these little muscle pains, whether it’s in the back, shoulder, neck, legs or even feet.Back Massager

Aroma therapy

Aroma therapy is a calming way to relief stress. Incorporating your sense of smell with relaxing scents can do wonders for the mind and body. Here are some ideas for you:

Essential oil – Essential oils have a gentle smell that relaxes your mind, and this roll-on can help ease anxiety and stabilize your mood.hemp-oil

Pillow mist – I love using pillow mist to help me sleep especially if I am feeling unusually stressed. The relaxing aroma helps you gently drift to sleep, and the lingering scent the next morning also helps you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead.Sleep Mist

Lavender gift set – If you want to go all out, here is a great set of different aroma therapy products. It includes things from essential oils to scented candles, body mist and more. It even includes a heatable neck wrap which is perfect for soothing those stress knots.Lavender Gift Set

Books and guides

Reading in itself is a great stress reliever, but here are a couple of educational and practical books that can help you manage your stress:

Little Book of Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness helps you let go of stress and simply be present in the moment. This book shows you how to practice mindfulness for only a few minutes a day to alleviate your stress on a daily basis.Little Book of Mindfulness

Stress Less, Accomplish More – I have recommended this book before, and I absolutely love it. It has helped me so much in coping with life’s everyday stresses. I incorporate these practices every day, twice a day for only 15 minutes in each sitting. It does wonders in managing your stress, and helping you become more productive. The book explains about Ziva (or the Z-Technique) which is a type of meditation that incorporates mindfulness, meditation and manifestation. This is one that keeps me going and that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.Stress Less, Accomplish More

Other ideas

Bath and body spa – This is a lovely stress relief gift set. Who doesn’t like taking a nice, relaxing bath to shed away the stress. The bath salts and mud mask relaxes and refreshes your skin, body and mind with the soothing scents. Plus it includes my favorite head massager too!Bath and Body Spa

Anxiety bracelet – These bracelets have various gemstones that have different properties for alleviating stress and anxiety, plus they are really pretty. It will make for a lovely, sentimental gift. I specifically like these bracelets, because it has my birthstone, amethyst. Maybe I’m a bit biased, hehehehe.Anxiety Bracelet

Unicorn squeeze popper – An inexpensive and cute little gift that can be used to squeeze out your frustrations and stress. Better than the average stress ball, in my opinion! Unicorns! How awesome.Unicorn Squeeze Popper

Stress relief colouring book – I will say it again, art and creativity is an amazing stress reliever! I cannot get enough of it. There is something about using colours and your hands that just tranquilizes your thoughts and worries. I can sit for hours doodling or colouring these beautiful mandalas.Stress Relief Colouring Book

Fidget toy – If you are feeling stressed, anxious, fidgety or even just bored, these magnetic balls can keep you entertained or thought free for a while. There’s something therapeutic in building this sculpture while you are sitting at your desk, and it makes for some interesting decoration.Fidget Toy

These are some products that I use to relieve my stress, and whereas it is better to have a long term plan in place on how to manage stress, it’s always a nice little break or treat to use these little pleasures. Why not try them yourself, or gift them to someone you care about, or someone you know is going through a bit of a rough time. Enjoy, and remember, you are bigger than your stress!

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