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A bright and cheery welcome to you! Thank you for visiting my site. My Zasibelname is Zasibel and I hope to bring you smiles, joy and sunny, rainbow-filled skies today and every day!

Here at, All Things Bright and Unicorn, I want to take you on a journey of self-discovery, where you can find happiness, playfulness, guidance, advice and adventure for girls of all ages.

I’m not a little girl anymore, but I absolutely LOVE girly things. All things pretty, bright, sparkly, cute, and yes you guessed it, unicorn!

A Girly-Girl

It’s actually strange, when I was little I never used to like those things. I was more of a “tomboy”, I never really liked makeup, pink or “girly” things. My preference only started changing in my twenties. Odd isn’t it? Maybe it’s my inner girly girl that just wanted to be set free. And boy was it set free!

Now all my eyes see is glitter! Everything cute, fluffy, pink and cuddly catches my attention. Things that sparkle are my absolute favorite. I’m not saying my house and everything I own is girly, but when I see these things it makes my heart jump for joy and my eyes glisten with awe.

I also love creating pretty things for people so that I can see the same reaction in those receiving the gift. It makes me think that I have given them a piece of a mystical world which their heart desires to go to – where there is always laughter and happiness.

As a girl myself, I know that sometimes life is tough and can get you down in many different ways. But somehow, as the strong and awesome girls we are, we are able to pick ourselves up. So I also want to create a space where we can explore and support each other so that we can be the sunshine of the world.

Every day should be a rainbow day

This world has too many sad and scary things happening these days. Life is too short and time is too precious to be worrying day in and day out. I want to create a place where the worries disappear, and where only smiles exist, where your imagination can go wherever your heart desires.

Rainbow DayI don’t know anyone who does not smile when they see a rainbow painted in the sky. Do you feel that sense of calm, peace and joy in your heart when you see one? Imagine all people feeling that way all the time. What a wonderful place it would be! If I can help you feel happy whenever visiting this page, then I am the most delighted in the world.

Every day should be a rainbow day, where we can be free to be who we want to be. No matter how young or how old you may be, let your imagination take you to a bright and joyful place.

The ideas, stories, guidance and products I want to share with you will hopefully take you to that place.

Something for all

So whenever you visit All Things Bright and Unicorn, I want you to feel joy and excitement like I do when I see girly things. You don’t need to be a girly girl to see the pleasant things in life. There is something here for everyone. I want to help you through some difficult times that we sometimes face as girls. I want you to find that perfect gift for someone special. I want you to let your imagination create fun and dreamlike memories to take with you wherever you go so that you will always have a shimmer in your eyes that make people say: “That girl’s bright and cheerful face is contagious.” Don’t you think there will be more happiness in the world then?

Join me as we create, display, talk about and share all the pretty and joyful things in life together!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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