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Each person has the ability to colour the world, even if it is just one person, one hue at a time. I say hue, but what I really mean is “you”. I believe that every individual has a different hue, but is also influenced by other hues. By understanding this we can change how we experience life, as well as how those around us experience life.

This life can often be very sad, depressing, scary and daunting. Looking through newspapers, the internet and other mass media, you find news about disasters, violence, racism, poverty, animal cruelty and so forth. It all makes for a very gloomy and sorrowful life. It could all change if you decide to add some colour to the world.

In a world of black and white

Black and White WorldGranted, it isn’t easy to change the world. But if every person started off by making one small stoke, it could make a big difference. No matter who you are or what your experience in life is, I firmly believe that you were placed on this earth to make a difference in some shape or form. It doesn’t matter the size of the impact, but it is the impact itself that is important.

In today’s world, we are constantly exposed to images of “success” and “wealth”. We are flooded with messages of being great and famous. This often leads to feelings of inadequacy, and statements like, “I’m x years old, I should have accomplished this and that”. It’s no wonder that depression has become more common.

On top of this, people also feel the need to label every different type of person. How often have you heard, “Oh?! You’re a Capricorn, so you must like so-and-so” or “You’re a Scorpio, so I don’t think we will get along”. Beyond this, people feel that you should act a certain way because of the colour of your skin, your gender, your ancestral background or the area you grew up in. To be fair, some of these factors do affect the social influences you are exposed to, but it is not uncommon to go against the grain. The problem with these labels is that they often build barriers, and people aren’t curious or brave enough to break them down.

We are all driven to go a certain way, not by our own choices but rather by what society dictates or by what is assumed to be the correct way, the “black and white” way. However, every person has their own brain. Every person has their own cognitive ability, imagination, ideas, feelings, and ability to do great things. You just need to get in touch with it, let the world know, and then make your own way.

Being the change, being the colour

Being the colour to the world has nothing to do with your physical appearance, or ethnicity. It is about so much more. The change and the colour comes from within you. It is often said that you should be the change that you want to see in the world. And this is very true. You can’t expect things to be different if you yourself are not willing to do anything about it.

If you want to see more smiles as you walk down the street, be the one who smiles first. You will see very quickly that people around you will almost always automatically smile back. Even if people don’t smile back initially, they will eventually. That was you making a change. That was you being the colour of the world. And in turn those people who smiled back also became the colour, making the world even more bright.

To be the colour of change you need to do one simple thing: You need to be yourself. In doing this you serve your purpose, whether it is something as huge as being the next president, or something which some consider trivial such as being an amazing son or daughter.

Lead the way colourfullyYou have the ability to inspire, lead and change the world by simply being you. This may seem easy, but it is probably the most difficult thing in the world for some. You see, being yourself means that people may hate and despise you, they might be jealous of you, mock or ridicule you. You open yourself to persecution but at the very same time you also open yourself to greatness. If you do not let what others think, say or do to you get in your way then even with that act you have coloured the world. People will see that you are bold and confident and that you trust in what you believe in, you trust in the awesomeness that is YOU! And pretty soon the same people who mocked you will suddenly then want to learn from you instead.

What can you do to colour the world?

As I had mentioned earlier, everyone has a purpose. Beyond that, every person has a talent, ability, skill or unique quality to them, perhaps even more than one. That is your colour. Use it to make a difference. How? Simply by expressing yourself in a way that allows you to serve others.

We may think that we need to be self-serving to get ahead, and there is an element of truth in that, but you can live a more fulfilling and colourful life if you serve others. An example: imagine if you are passionate about exotic hair styles and you decide to show it off and express yourself. This would make you feel great, but what makes you feel better is when someone asks for your help and you are able to give them a completely new look with your talents. In doing this you are filled with a unique sense of joy, the joy you can only really experience if you open yourself up to it.

So what I suggest is that you find yourself. Write down some ideas of what makes you, you. Find out what your colour is, and look at ways that you can radiate this colour so that the world can see it. Once you let your colours show, help others find theirs. Don’t judge the person next to you for having a different talent or a different opinion, but rather feel inspired, motivated and encouraged or encouraging so that you and the next person may be able to bring some happiness and diversity to the world.

People colouring the world

Some bright ideas

To find your colours you need to ask yourself the questions:

  • If money weren’t an issue, what would I be doing?
  • What impact do I want to make on the world?
  • How do I want to be remembered?
  • Why do I want to do these things?

Some of these questions may seem redundant, and perhaps your answers may seem generic, but that is why it’s important to ask yourself, “why?”. Why do you want to be rich? Or why do you want to get married and start a family? Is it because you think that in having these things you will find happiness or is it because you feel that society expects you to have achieved something by a certain age?

Do not fall into the trap of others’ expectations. Rather, close your eyes and Bright Ideasvisualize what kind of life you want to lead. What do you want people to say about you when you are no longer around and consider the implications and impact that your life will have on others.

You might be struggling to find “you” or what your talents or abilities are. Here are some ideas of what you can do to find your colour:

  • Stop waiting for your talents to magically appear, and rather explore different avenues. Try new things that will help you find your talent. For example: You won’t know if you have a talent for playing the piano until you actually make the effort to try play the piano. Perhaps start some lessons and you might discover a hidden talent.
  • Look at the things that come naturally to you and that you find easy. If working with numbers come easily to you, then that’s your talent. Don’t waste time wishing that you had a talent and rather use your existing skills to find ways where you can colour the world.
  • Try things that you find difficult or that you are frightened of in order to make room for new skills and abilities to develop. Do research if you must, to understand what it would take to be good at it and see what possibilities lie ahead.

If you are still struggling, don’t worry about it. In some way or another you will discover things about yourself in the strangest of ways, you will see your own colour and you will say: “Aha! why didn’t I see it before!”.

Let your colours show

So now you have discovered yourself. You have some ideas to get you started and now you just need to go out there, have fun, share happiness and “let your colours show”. Once you do this you will quickly find that there was no need to feel insecure, ashamed, or afraid to be you.

I guarantee you that you will uplift even just one person, or hundreds and thousands of people. They will see your colour, and they would want to show theirs in turn. How bright and colourful life will be then, right?

Let your colours show

Let me know what your colour is, or how you can colour the world. Leave your answers below.

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20 thoughts on “Colour the World, a Hue at a Time

  1. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about colour the world and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.

    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


  2. Absolutely beautiful and well said. With so much tragedy in the world and sadness we need to start showing “our colors.” and opening the doors to understanding and seeing the beauty in all the details. This way of thinking is what makes a difference and is needed in this day and age. Truly an incredible insight to viewing the world and shedding color and light into it.

    1. Thank you Robert. Indeed, there is soooooo much beauty all around us, and like you said each person just needs to understand and see the beauty in all the little details. If we can see beauty in all aspects of our life, more and more colour will radiate throughout the world.

  3. This is so inspiring, this exactly what I needed after a rough day to charge my battery. We do need more colors in this world. We often don’t realize what influence we have on each other and how big of a positive difference we can have on each other’s lives with small acts.
    You definitely colored my day in a lovely heavenly blue and inspired me with your post.

    Thank Hue 🙂

    1. I am so glad that my post could help brighten your day Nikeze! As you say, a small act can make a big positive difference in this world. I hope that you can always embrace your “colour” and let the world see it too! Oh and thank Hue too for the wonderful response! 😉😁

  4. Ahhhh, what a beautiful post, its all about being “brave enough” to be our authentic selves. But first we need to love ourselves not in an egotistical way but in the way we would love a sibling or mother or someone else that is close to us. We should offer ourselves that love too, and become less self critical, less self judgemental. Then it is much easier to extend love to others and of course “colour the world a hue at a time”. I hope you get many people to read this wonderful inspiring post, the world would be a better place. Ann

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ann. And I definitely agree. If I can love myself and love my “colour” then there is nothing stopping me from showing love to others. We are all unique, special, bright and beautiful in some way or another.

    1. That is very true, Jon, every single person can change the world with their own amazing talents, ability and even a simple smile. Only a pleasure to brighten someone’s day, glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. What a refreshing and encouraging post! This is exactly what we need to hear today. Considering the hate that exist, I can’t help but imagine what a beautiful world we would have if each person could just show a positive side.

  6. Wow!!!
    This is one best humanitarian Info I have ever read, So good of you Zasibel….
    Surely Coloring our world would be done over night and this earth would be a good place to be if everyone read your Content “Coloring is within You”no matter our colour, race tribe, Education, etc….
    Thanks for this moving Website….
    You’re making this world a better place for us all
    God bless you


    1. I am so happy to hear this, George. It is very encouraging to hear that I can uplift even one person. That is all I really want to do here. Keep shining your colour in the world. The world needs it!

  7. I was completely moved by your article. The very fact we are able to open our eyes up to a new day is the ultimate reward many people take for granted. Thank you so much for putting this out into the universe.

  8. Wow what an amazing article! I mean this is what the world needs to hear because nowadays its seems as if things are getting worst and if we all just come together and show our colors as you explained here then this world can be better! I really enjoyed reading this!

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