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Swarovski pen with pouch

Perhaps you are looking for some bling to spoil yourself with, or something with just the right amount of glitz to light up your loved one’s day. If you are looking for an elegant gift idea for a special someone (whether it be your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or friend), then I hope this review will help you decide if a Swarovski pen is the perfect solution. In this review I will specifically discuss the Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen, and how stylishly fabulous it is.Swarovski pen

  • Product: Swarovski Crystalline Pen
  • Ink Colour: Black
  • Tip Type: Ballpoint
  • My Bright Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Gift Recommendation: Yes

Swarovski Pen, the look emits rays of sophistication

Things that sparkle are really my thing, and I adore being able to use that sparkly thing (not just have it somewhere to display), because then I can show it off a bit wherever I am. The Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen is a perfect example. It is both practical and girly, plus it can go with me wherever I go.

The pen has a very smooth and polished finish. The top half of the pen’s cylinder displays gorgeous clear Swarovski crystals (I would say just over about a hundred small crystals). It has a non-detachable cap with a clip to prevent it from rolling around. The famous Swarovski brand name is engraved on the clip as well. The clip has just the right amount of flexibility to attach it to your pocket or pen holder, without having to worry that this precious pen will fall out and get lost. The bottom half is a smooth, pearly white with a pointed silver tip.

This pen emits rays of sophistication and elegance. It looks absolutely beautiful especially when it receives even a glimpse of light rays. I could sit and stare at the dazzling crystals for ages when the crystals display their rainbow colours in the sun light.Swarovski pen dazzling crystals

Feel chic and classy whenever you write

The Swarovski Crystalline pen is very light and feels effortless holding in your hand. You would think that the crystals and the cap make it top-heavy, but it is in fact very well-balanced and fits comfortably between your fingers.

It does not have an extra rubber grip, but I feel it doesn’t really need one either because it is so light and easy to write with. If you tend to write for extended amounts of time, you might feel a slight slip when writing because of the smooth finish but this doesn’t take much away from the writing experience.

Overall, when holding and writing with the pen, you tend to feel somewhat chic and classy, as if you have been requested to give your royal signature on some royal certificate of sorts. It’s very delightful to feel like a princess with the crystals shimmering in your hand.

The pen’s gentle functioning etiquette

Any good pen should be a smooth writer, right? So, is the Swarovski pen all beauty and no business? Definitely not! This pen is both exquisite and amazing to write with too.

The pointed tip has a comfortable twist mechanism to retract the ballpoint when you need to use the pen, and easily reverts back to protect the tip when storing it again.

As it is a ballpoint, I wondered if it would cause issues of blotching or skipping, but I have yet to experience such problems. So far, my writing has not faded or blotted since I started using the pen (or the refills).

Swarovski pen detached with refillSpeaking of refills, the Swarovski Crystalline pen uses Schmidt mini refills (which comes in either black or blue ink). They are easily replaceable, but because they are mini they don’t last as long as a conventional refill. But in saying that, it does last longer than you would think because the ink is of very good quality, and because it doesn’t blotch, it does not waste a lot of ink either. The only downside is that refills can become quite pricey for their small sizes. However, I still like using my Swarovski pen over any other cheaper pen.

The ink effortlessly glides over paper as I write, and again gives me that sophisticated feeling when I write or doodle. It just simply has a gentle functioning etiquette to it, which I am very pleased with. You can see a sample of how the pen writes below (this is after about 4 months into my second refill).Swarovski pen writing sample

Also, when I first got the pen, I thought that if I were to open it that I would lose the crystals. However, this is not something to worry about at all, as the crystals are securely sealed in their own compartment. There is no way you will lose even a single precious crystal of your pen, unless you literally make a real effort to break it open somehow.

Care and cleaning

Depending on where you purchase your Swarovsky Crystalline pen, you will either receive a velvet pouch or a sturdy box case or even both to keep your pen safe and clean. This way you can carry it neatly in your handbag without worrying that it will leak or get damaged.

Also, because the crystals are in their own cylinder, you don’t need to worry about shining, cleaning or protecting them in any way. Every so often I would just take a dry, lint-free cloth and polish the entire pen just to get that original shine back again. I don’t suggest that you use any abrasive or harsh materials or glass cleaners because you might scratch or damage the smooth finish of the pen.

The only other thing I would warn you about is to look out that there are no sticky fingers that might want to swipe your treasured pen! 😉 I am telling you now, it is a pen worth envying 😉

Why the Swarovski pen is a great gift

If you haven’t concluded by now that the Swarovsky Crystalline pen is a great gift idea, then let me remind you. This pen has a special air of prestige to it. It looks, feels, and functions beautifully and leaves you felling like a princess owning a very valuable treasure. Gifting the Swarovsky Crystalline pen to someone you love will make them feel that you have put a lot of thought, effort, and love into finding the perfect gift. I love it, so I don’t see why any other lady would not love it too (even those who don’t like “girly” things).

If this review has helped you, and you want to get the pen for yourself or for someone you love, you can get the Swarovsky Crystalline pen here. You can also get the refills here.Swarovski pen with case

Please feel free to leave your own review below, or if you have any comments or questions about mine please don’t hesitate to message below.

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10 thoughts on “Swarovski Pen Review – An Elegant Gift Idea

  1. Hi Zasibel, I am very glad I came across your review. I have been contemplating getting something different as a gift for my girlfriend…’ve made my search very easy now. Thanks a lot for sharing such info.
    Before, I make my purchase, are there other swarovski gift ideas you’ll recommnend?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Daniel, happy to have been a help for you.

      And yes, there are MANY Swarovski gift ideas I could recommend, but I might just end up filling my whole site with it (that’s how much I love it). The great thing about Swarovski products is that there are various price ranges (from very affordable to very extravagant), and from very simple gift ideas to very fancy ideas you would never have thought of. The products are so stunning. And best thing is, that they look so elegant as if they were really pricey and top class, but are much more affordable than for example diamond products that may look similar.

      There are various things like jewellery, ornaments, glassware, watches, pens and more. I suggest you have a look on Swarovski’s official website or you can have a look here on Amazon for some more ideas.

      Keep in touch and keep a look out for more reviews I might post in the future 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for writing such a detail article. I have always been wanting this pen but was hesitating as I did not know how well it writes. It’s great to know that it writes well. I think I’m ready to get one now. In addition, knowing that the ink can last relatively long before refill is an added bonus!

    1. Hi Lynn. I am glad to have helped. You won’t be disappointed, the pen is beautiful.

      Yes, I was also pleasantly surprised that my first refill lasted as long as it did (I thought it would run out very quickly considering that it was so small). But I do guess it depends on how much you write with it of course.

      Anyway, go ahead and try one, and enjoy feeling like a princess 🙂

  3. Hi,
    as Swarovski is settled in my home country, Austra, I’m very pleased to find a product here at your review. I only can confirm that Swarovski products are not only chic but as well of high quality. Do you remember the glitter dress Tina Turner used for some concerts? That was made by Swarovski as well.
    I can highly recommend this item.
    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hi there George. Awesome to hear that you are from the home of Swarovski. I absolutely love Swarovski crystals.

      I did not know that Tina Turner’s dress was made by Swarovski. That’s really awesome, thank you for that bit of information. Now you got me wondering if I should get a dress! Hehehehe.

  4. Swarovski Crystal makes everything elegant indeed!

    You made a good job on reviewing it. You totally describe it to the extent that, I can already feel that it glides smoothly on a paper when you write.

    This pen would be a lovely gift.
    But I wonder if it comes on black color as well? If it does, I bet it would be perfect gift for both men and women.

    1. Hi Mina, thank you for your feedback.

      I have not yet seen this specific Swarosvki pen in black, but I do know that there are other designs that come in various colours. Here are a few that you can see, and yes, they are great gift ideas for both men and woman. Here is a green Swarovski pen which is very similar to the design that I mentioned in my post. Also, here is black Swarovski pen in a different design, which I think is a really good idea for a male. It looks similar to the one mentioned in my post, but the top actually detaches because it has a USB which is really useful.

  5. Wow ! thats a great Idea for a gift,
    I usually buy those cheap pen , and use them for a while until they break haha
    I will defently keep this one in mind for a gift idea !

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