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Unicorn Pinata

I think it’s about time to bring some unicorns onto the site, right? I felt a little experimental a while ago, so I decided to try to make a piñata. Because I like unicorns I thought, hey why not make a unicorn piñata.

Unicorn PinataI kind of just winged it and got straight to it. It was much easier than I thought it would be. And it came out quite pretty if I must say so myself. I decided to make the bashing stick and blindfold as well. I really enjoyed the process of making it and am very pleased to see the end result.

A piñata is great for any party or event as a fun activity for the kiddies, even the adults can find some fun in giving it a bash.

After showing it off a bit, it started becoming quite popular so I decided to make it a product for my side business. So if you are interested you can let me know below or you can message me on my Facebook page called “Pizazle It” (I can only supply to people in Cape Town, South Africa though.)

Let me know what you think below. Would you like to see any other piñata ideas? Try make one yourself and send your results to If you want, I will post it on the site to brighten up someone’s day. This way we can all share our ideas and talents, and who knows, you might get a few orders yourself!

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